A look at the sbg 6580

As far as cable modems go it doesn’t get better than the moToroLa SbG 6580, this is a cool device that combines the functionality of three devices in one. It combines the functionality of a cable modem, router, wifi device and firewall in addition to having other great features like the support of docsis 3.0 and wps (wifi protected share).

small-surfboard These features will allow you to get the most out of your internet connection speed especially if your service provider supports docsis 3.0. In terms of the actual device itself it is a modem, a 4 port Ethernet switch, internet router and wireless access point all in one device which is pretty great if you live in a place where you are constrained for space or live in a house or apartment that does not have electronic closets.

This eliminates the need for a lot of wires and separate boxes for each of the functionalities so for example you could have it on your bedside table and depending on the size of your house you will still have okay coverage across your house.

So in terms of the wireless configuration menu, they are quite complicated than for example those of the apple air-port equipment. If you have never done any wifi configuration before you may struggle a bit more  with it before you are able to get it to finally work and if you are a totally new to stuff like this i recommend you just get someone to do the whole configuration and setup for you.

There are many websites online that discuss the features and functionalities of cable modems like http://www.motorolasbg6580guide.com, this one even gives you options for the various places you can buy the device and the prices for the device at these places. I recommend you check out this site before you buy this cable modem.

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Motorola surfboard all in one modem

Motorola is one company that is synonymous with quality and reliability when it comes to their devices and this is the case with the motorola SURFboard SBG 6580 this is more than your ordinary cable box as it actually combines three devices in one simple box. With this device you get a cable modem, wireless access point, router and docsis3.0 support.

The great thing about having this cable modem is that it works with most service providersmororola-6580-device so you don’t have to worry about compatibility, it will work with your cable company. Also you don’t have to pay for your cable modem as this device will work just as well.

The speed of this device is pretty great especially since it supports docsis 3.0 and is a ‘n’ type of wireless device so if your previous cable modem was limited to ‘g’ only then this device will make a huge difference. In my case I previously only had an older device that only supported g but now with this new device I am getting about 25mbps up from 10mps when I checked the speed on speed test.com. By the way I am only running a basic broadband service from Comcast.

With the Reviews for the Motorola 6580 modem I have been able to get flawless HD video streaming on my Samsung smart tv, ipad, sonos speakers, a desktop computer and an android tablet. Browsing is also quite fast on any of the devices which I use around the house.

This device is also plug and play so setting it up should be a breeze. Out of the box this device comes with a power cable, Ethernet cable and a driver cd that you use to install the device on the pc or mac that you will be using. It is also great to note that this device works with both pc and mac without the need for additional software.

I terms of the price point of the device I have found sites like this one more on cable modems that will help you decide where you want to buy it by giving you the price for different retailers of this device. The going rate for the device is about $125 to $130 depending on where you choose to buy it from.

Overall this is a great device that offers great value for your money.

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